I heart Nectarines

Mmmmm stone fruit season is here!

I have a bit of a thing for stone fruit – especially nectarines.  If you look to your left, or right – you will see a stone fruit orchid at a family friends farm, out near Stanthorpe.  Yep – I love them that much that they’re the background on this blog!

How good is it when you have your first bite of the season? That sweet, tart, soft –  almost sorbet like when you get a perfect one!

I do like eating mine raw – but I did make this delicious recipe once which even thinking about now sends my taste buds into drool mode.

Grilled nectarine wrapped in prosciutto, brie, red onion, mix leaf lettuce  with a light olive oil dressing and crushed caramalised nuts.

For a light lunch for 2 –

-You can make your own nuts by putting them in a pan with small sprinkle of sugar and wait for sugar to melt and half coat the nuts – set aside on a piece of baking paper, then later crush into smaller chunks.  Or cheat and buy them!  I’ve made this meal without them, so if you’re allergic then you’re not missing out on too much…

-Cut 1 nectarine in quarters and place flesh side down in a medium hot pan for about a minute or less each side. Wrap them in prosciutto.

-In a clean plastic bag add your clean leaves, 1/4 thinly cut red onion, *a little bit of olive oil and a tiny bit of balsamic or lemon juice, salt and pepper – then shake it about – this coats the leaves really well and avoids big glugs of dressing hidden in your salad!  Divide onto the 2 plates.

-Place the prosciutto wrapped nectarines on top and a few slices of brie, then sprinkle with some of the nuts.

-Tuck in.


*if you’re preparing this in advance than wait until you’re just about to serve to dress the salad to ensure the leaves don’t become soggy.


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Tuesday night dinner – for 12! PIZZA!

Tonight I’m having 12 for dinner.  My husband wonders what screw is loose in my brain to do this on a TUESDAY night!  Oops!  Luckily we have the trusted pizza oven and bread maker that really does all the hard work!  Whilst I usually do mass lunches and dinners on weekends, it helps that I have the toppings pretty worked out.  With that amount of people it isn’t necessary to have a different topping for each pizza….avoid disappointment and cook 2 of the same to ensure everyone gets to try each flavor – well that’s the general consensus.  Make sure all your ingredients are cut up ready to go and have at least 4 trays or more to keep the hungry mouths eating – it also keeps you out of the kitchen and actually socializing and having a good time- this I have definitely learnt through experience!

So here are my pizza toppings for tonight (1/2 based on what meat was in my freezer!).

1 – Chorizo, capers, sundried tomatoes, chilli, parsley, onion and cheese on a tomato base

2 – Bacon, salami, onion and thinly sliced potato on a tomato/bbq sauce based (for the boys!)

3 – Mushroom, garlic, thyme, cheese on olive oil base.

4 – Pear, prosciutto, rosemary and gorgonzola/blue cheese on a olive oil base– topped with rocket

5 – prawn, chilli, garlic, basil, parsley on tomato base, topped with rocket.

Ok – perhaps I’m over catering on the pizzas – I think I only need 8 (max) – especially when you work on 1 pizza per couple (mind you there are some pretty big men coming tonight who I am sure could knock over at least 1 each…)

I nearly forgot dessert – this might need another post….but not to keep you guessing,  I’m doing rhubarb and pistachio tarts with custard icecream.  YUMMYYYYYY!!!!

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Has Spring finally SPRUNG?

Finally after what feels like the end of winter – a month late I know – it seems Spring has SPRUNG!  Not only the glorious weather (amongst the storms) – but my small veggie patch seems to have quadrupled in size in about 1 week.  The beans are going crazy – as are the tomatoes.  We even have corn!  It’s funny, there isn’t quite enough there to feed the family – the poor thing would be stripped bare in 1 week – but the satisfaction of eating it is something else!

Don’t tell my garden this but I think the beans are better from myfruit….(I blame the beans but possibly my fault for not picking them on time!!)….

check out the spring onions and the mint that’s busting out the seams….which has since had a major haircut!

Last night I made a rendition of Jamie Oliver’s Summer Lasagna – found in his 30 minute meal book (fabulous).  You can also view it online here http://hotcooking.co.uk/recipes/28/jamie-oliver-30-minute-meals-summer-veg-lasagne  I basically changed up a few of the greans – possibly added a heap more mint (yes I have overload of it!) and call it a ‘Spring has Sprung Lasagna’!! Give it a go!











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Waiting for Spring

I’ve gotten to the moment in Winter when you start being inventive with your veggies.  I think this is because the excitement of Winter has passed me by and those few ‘summery’ days last week teased my palate into wanting Spring – oh I’m craving some salads and seafood!  The bore of roast veg, soups, stews and mash have me looking for more exciting and ‘different’ type of veg sides ….sometimes they impress…sometimes they’re just eaten to fill the gap.  Here are a few ideas I’ve tried lately:

-This week I made a fennel and potato gratin.  As I’m being healthy, I substituted the cream for skim milk (it worked).  I used nutmeg, white pepper and salt to add a bit for taste. It is seriously simple – and pretty yummy.   You can find the link here to some good recipes http://www.taste.com.au/search-recipes/?q=fennel+potato+&publication=

-I copied a Masterchef idea from runner up Michael and grilled some quartered cos lettuce – it did take away my salad craving…briefly – and it seemed well received by hubby and kids.  Try the whole recipe or just go for the grilling the cos section…  http://www.masterchef.com.au/not-just-another-spring-chicken.htm

-I also find Mexican a good transition meal for Winter to Spring – it can be healthy too –with all those spices I don’t feel the need to add naughty cheese – I do think low fat sour cream is necessary though and I can’t say no to a homemade guacamole! This is a yummy guacamole recipe – expecially if you like coriander! http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/realguacamole_81424

-Last week I tarted up my roast carrots with baked figs and cumin – quite nice…

-Had a good old family favourite meal of  hickory chicken, grilled corn on the cob and home made coleslaw (I used fat free dressing)…..always good!

I hope these give you ideas and inspiration at this in-between season time.  It’s great to get fresh new goodies in my veggie box to play with!

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Health Kick

Winter to me is an indulgent time – slow cooked food, warm puddings, big glass of red wine.  Wearing multiple layers helps you forget or perhaps disengage from your body – out of sight, out of mind!  You spiral into a feeding frenzy, all things buttery and delicious!! Boy it tastes good!!   A thud on the scales at first makes you think – “oh, it must be the heavy jeans/boots/jacket” – WRONG – you are gaining weight!!

After hearing about ‘dry July’ I thought – perhaps I should do a ‘dry August’ – not just that – but cut out the oh-so-tasty but very naughty things like cheese, excessive carbs, fatty meats and alcohol – all to shock my body into Spring!

Yesterday I got a large fruit and veggie box – perfect for my drastic change.  I spent a while washing and preparing fruit and veg so I could reach for a carrot stick instead of cheese and crackers.  I am hoping the kids will do so as well!

Throughout the month I’ll give you some healthy and tasty recipes – last night I did Asian chicken broth with rice noodles and broccoli – it had plenty of ginger, garlic, mushies (yummy!)  Tonight I’m making sunflower crusted chicken breast with roasted carrots and figs sprinkled in cumin – and a side salad.  I’ll take pics!

It is day 2 and I’m feeling positive and healthy!  Feel free to jump on board at any time!

MyFoodie for www.myfruit.com.au

Ps – I’m allowing myself 1 indulgence day – to celebrate my best friends engagement party – perfect mid month timing!!

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My week in food #2

There was meringues, pies, burgers, pasta bakes, pizzas, stews, sorbets & more!!! All pretty alright except my 8 hour crockpot – pork shoulder which was not so good – but I rescued the left over meat and popped it in the pressure cooker and into a pie. Fingers crossed this works out — the meat was a lottttt tastier.

Have a good week.












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shows the importance of buying local – fwd email

John Smith
A White Indigenous Australian 
started the day early having set his alarm clock 

for 6 am.

While his coffeepot


was perking, he shaved with his

electric razor


He put on a

dress shirt



designer jeans



tennis shoes


After cooking his breakfast in his new

electric skillet


he sat down with his



to see how much he could spend today. 
After setting his


to the radio


he got in his car


filled it with PETROL

(from Saudi Arabia )

and continued his search

for a good paying AUSTRALIAN JOB.

At the end of yet another discouraging

and fruitless day

checking his


( made in MALAYSIA ),

John decided to relax for a while.

He put on his sandals


poured himself a glass of

cheap wine


and turned on his



and then wondered why he can’t

find a good paying job in 



You gotta keep this one circulating!

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